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The uses for Bach Flower Remedies are unlimited and they’re not just for people, our furry and feathered companions can benefit too and I would love to tell you more….

Having a mix of “purr”sonalites doesn’t have to be a problem!

Bach Flower Remedies help to restore emotional imbalances and restore a sense of wellbeing. Animals tend to be very sensitive to their environment and Bach Flower Remedies tend to work very well with them. What I like is that they have no idea they are taking them so there is no “placebo effect.” There are no known side effects and they won’t interact with any medications. 

The current pet count at my house is 3 cats and 2 dogs. Each has their own personality and have come to our home at different times so it hasn’t always been easy sailing. Last year when I took a course on Bach Flower Remedies I was so excited to learn that they are suitable for animals. I have been using them with my cats and dogs and I would like to share some common reasons we use Bach Flower Remedies with our crew. 

Here’s how my pets have benefited from Bach Flowers:

Fears – animals can be very sensitive to loud noises (thunderstorms is very common with dogs). My cats are terrified of the vacuum, one of my cats would run into another room and hide as soon as I turned on the vacuum, every time. He was 14 so this had been going on for a long time. After giving him a remedy that is for fear, he still didn’t like the vacuum but would no longer run away and would stay were he was and watch me vacuum. 

Leash Pulling, Barking on Walks – my dogs LOVE to bark. We have worked with trainers but I have the most stubborn breed of dog: The Puggle! He is a mix between Pug and Beagle and he sure has

Ellie (right) joined our household in August 2017.

that Beagle howl down to an art! In fact on more than one occasion while walking him, people have come out of  their homes because he was howling so much and so loudly they thought a dog got hurt. I was like “It’s just my dog, he saw another dog walk by!” We added a second dog to our home and I didn’t want this habit rubbing off on her, plus I often have two kids joining our walks so I need to be able to manage without leash pulling and out of control barking. Working with tips from a trainer and Bach Flower Remedies (used to help him to calm down, focus, not pull on his leash, etc.) I can now walk both dogs with both kids and have little to no issues with barking. He still has an occasional bark, if another dog barks first but I can almost always get his focus and attention and he stopped barking at cars, people and most dogs. He’s 6 so it has been going on for years and he is a completely different dog on walks now. I still say to my husband how I can’t believe it and how much I really enjoy going for walks now!

Visiting the Vet – almost anyone with cats dreads going to vet because it stresses out cats so much. From the car ride to being in a new location, it can be a very scary experience for many animals, but in our house it’s the cats! For some quick help, I use the Bach Flower Pet Rescue Remedy before we go and it makes a noticeable difference. The cat I was bringing had to go weekly for 4 weeks. The first time I gave him Rescue Remedy and he didn’t like the car but also didn’t meow the whole way there and  when we got there he was curious, looking around the vet’s office, but not completely stressed. The second time I brought him I was in a rush and didn’t give him Rescue Remedy. I could barely get him out of his carrier and he was scared and shaky. The next two times I gave I’m Rescue Remedy and he was not scared and shaky. 

Grief – when one of our cats was rushed to the vet one evening and sadly passed away while there, my other cats were beside themselves with grief and worry. Every time I would go downstairs (where they tend to hang out since it’s quieter) they would run out to see me meowing and be very anxious and worried. I made them a specific remedy for grief, shock and change/adjustments and within a few days they

Ned (left) grieved over losing his best friend Tiny last year.

started to act normal again. And I definitely know they knew what happened – A few months later when I had to bring my cat mentioned above to the vet 4 weeks in a row for a treatment, the other cat was visibly upset when he left and waited for him to return. She was worried he wouldn’t come back and I would give her Rescue Remedy along with the cat travelling to the vet.


Adding a New Pet – in the last year we have added a dog and a cat to our home. The dog came from a breeder that we know and when she came here and was separated from her pack, she had a hard time settling at night. I had already made her and the other pets a specific remedy for change, etc. and while that was working, I added another remedy to her mix for homesickness and she settled in much better and stopped crying at night. Recently we added another cat, she was given to us and had some unknown history so I gave her Rescue Remedy with a couple of other remedies added in. I also made one for the other cats who tend not to accept anyone new (they are still skeptical of my husband and we’ve been married 10 years!). The introduction went smoothly and after a couple of hisses, my more dominant cat has seemed to accept our new member and I have even caught them sharing the cat tree and they both snuggle with me at the same time without issue.

As I mentioned at the start the uses are unlimited, and these are just a handful of uses I have experienced so far. Please visit my services page to learn more and feel free to send me any questions you may have.

Please note that Bach Flower Remedies are used to restore imbalances. They are not used to treat or diagnose any ailments. Please seek any medical advice with a licensed veterinarian. 
This content is not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases. Always consult with your primary care physician or licensed healthcare provider for all diagnosis and treatment of any diseases or conditions, for medications or medical advice as well as before changing your health care regimen.
Angelina Jackson

About Angelina Jackson

My name is Angelina. I’m a stay at home mother of two energetic boys and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I have been interested in nutrition and healthy living for quite a few years but when my oldest son was born I really wanted to give him a great start in life and started to really dive in and educate myself. Prior to having my son I wasn’t doing anything I really felt passionate about and after having a conversation with somebody who asked if I was a nutritionist (I wasn’t yet), I started to think about the future and felt that this is the path I want to be on. I registered for the Holistic Nutritionist program at CSNN (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition) and jumped right in. It has been one of the most awakening experiences of my life. I have learned so much and applied what I learned to myself and my family and would love to help others who are looking into practicing a more holistic approach in their everyday lives.