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We recently had hired someone to come into our home and do EMF (Electromagnetic Field) readings and educate us on how to protect ourselves from this “invisible pollution” and I would like to share what we found with all of you. 

I am and have been aware of the radiation from EMF’s and have taken steps to reduce them:

  • Use regular lightbulbs instead of energy saving bulbs
  • Use the airplane mode on my phone when not in use
  • Limit fluorescent lights (we recently replaced one with a regular light when it became faulty)
  • Unplug things I do not need such as alarm clocks and lamps

    Keeping your charging area for your phone in a low traffic area can make a huge difference

  • Move our charging station for our phones and electronics into a low traffic area and far away from our bedroom
  • Not place laptops or iPads on our laps

So we do stuff already, but with anything there is always more to learn and little by little and step by step we continue to make changes. My oldest son started to complain about his room so I went and investigated and was shocked to find the smart meter outside his room, right beside where his bed was. Right away we moved his bed to the other side of the room but I needed to know if this was enough so I contacted a company to come in and check out our entire house. Here are some things we found:

  • My oldest son’s room was one of the worst rooms BUT moving his bed made a huge difference (phew)
  • Also in my oldest son’s room, the lamp clipped onto to his headboard was basically raining radiation on him so we decided he could just go to the top bunk and read and removed the lamp
  • Our baby monitor’s were a huge source of radiation, even placed across the room (enough that I took them away immediately)
  • My youngest son’s room was perfect after removing the monitor, read more about baby monitor’s here

    Baby monitors are one of the worst culprits and should be used with caution.

  • Put wifi on a timer and work towards getting wired so we will not have 5g in our home. Read more about 5g here
  • The worst room in the house was the room I play guitar in, we were able to find out the best way to manage this room to reduce radiation so I can now use it. This room was and is a mystery because we don’t know why the readings where so high (but suspect faulty wiring)
  • How I can (more) safely use my laptop, iPad and cell phone (an adaptor like this so I can talk on the phone without damaging my brain)  
  • Verification that moving our charging station out of our bedroom makes a big difference
  • Verification that regular lightbulbs are better for us and changing up that fluorescent light made a difference
  • We are a safe distance from the nearest cell tower 
  • Our controllers from our Wii emit a lot of EMF’s so we will need to limit it’s use (or pull out the original Nintendo that is not cordless)
  • We are able to lower radiation by putting filters in the rooms that require them, I can also take some of these filters on vacation to help with EMF’s in our hotel/condo
  • All about dirty electricity and sources of it lurking in my home 

Is it worth the cost and effort to do this in your home? 

In my opinion (and obviously since I did this) yes, it is important. What we can’t see can be more dangerous than what we can see since we have no way to know what we are dealing with unless we test. We live in a very electrical polluted world and we truly don’t know the long term consequences, especially for our children. Here’s a list of some symptoms associated with electrical pollution:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Body aches
  • Memory loss

Also reducing electrical pollution can help those who suffer from a range of other health-related concerns including: multiple sclerosis, diabetes and tinnitus.

This article about Electro Hypersensitivity discusses in detail the Biological Effects of EMF/EMR exposure (see the second page of the article). This explains full on what our bodies experience and how this exposure can easily be part of the root cause for so many health issues. 

I am definitely feeling much better with the changes we made in our home and we are still working on some more to further reduce EMF’s, but just like anything it takes time and setting some small steps and goals will help us get there. 

Additional Information:

Documentary: Generation Zapped


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