There are 7 billion people in the world and no two people are the same. Really think about that for a moment. There isn’t a one size fits all approach to nutrition that will work for everyone. You are unique and to meet your personal goals of well being and health, investing in a consultation that is designed just for you will help you to meet your goals more effectively.

“Be kind to your body – it’s the only place you have to live!”
~ Jim Rohn

Nutritional Consultations

*Initial Consult – 90 minutes

In this consultation we will go over your health history and future health goals. Prior to meeting I will send you forms designed by CSNN to fill out and return to me. Upon reviewing the forms I will help you make a nutritional plan that best suits you as well as discuss supplements and lifestyle changes to help you meet your goals. We will implement a step by step approach at a pace of changes that you are comfortable with. You will receive a binder that contains *your* program to start your journey of optimal health. Included will be all the recommendations we discuss as well as a sample meal plan and recipes. I also follow up via email and will check in to see how your progress is and answer any questions. 

Follow-up – 45 minutes

We meet up 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation to check in and help you to keep on track to meet your goals. 

Initial consult plus two follow up appointments (paid for in full) 

*Please feel free to contact me to set up a brief phone call to see if my services are a good fit for you and to answer any questions prior to booking an appointment

Family Consultation – One Hour

If you have ever used the word “picky” when describing your child’s eating habits, this service would be a great fit! I come to your place and meet with you and your kids and talk nutrition. I go over some exciting techniques to make healthy eating fun for the whole family. I will go over label reading, meal planning and include an information package and recipes to fit your family’s tastes. This consultation is also great for families making changes to a healthier lifestyle and looking for information and guidance to get started and motivated.

 My family consultation includes a binder of your program that I have designed for your family to keep. Please note that prior to meeting you will be required to fill out a survey so that I can customize the information provided to your family specifically.